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POLL-Would you use an SCD/Paleo sub-forum/sub-section?

Would you use, or like to see an SCD/Paleo section?

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After some discussion, I've decided to create a poll to see if there's enough interest in creating a section with the Diets/Fitness and Supplements section specifically dedicated to people on, or interested in learning more about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or the Paleo diet.

I think the section would be a good place for members to post recipes, ask questions, share success (and even failed) stories, and even post constructed criticisms about the diets based on personal experience or evidence found.

Unfortunately when we leave the doctor's office, a lot of us leave without our doctor's talking to us about the importance of diet so many of us struggle with finding what works and what doesn't work for our bodies. While there is an abundance of people who are doing really well on the diet's listed, I think many people are still unaware of what each diet entails, and the science behind them that makes them work.

I believe the individuals on the crohns forum using the diets could share their experiences with the diet to help others interested in eating healthier.

Please feel free to share your opinions here as well as suggestions towards other uses for the subsection.
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Bump. 70 views and 3 votes? Don't be afraid to vote no if you don't want one, just make sure you include your reasoning.
Sure, that would be nice and sounds to be a good idea. I might suggest though, instead of a paleo form it might be nice to have an advanced diet sub form - a place where individual dietary trials are tried, along with possibly advanced ideas for paleo, vegetarian, low carb, etc. In my opinion, the general diet form does a good job of often of presenting the basics for the different diet ideas out there. A subform where followers mention their personal food journals, successes and failures could be helpful.


The reason I included Paleo was because it is so similar to SCD but I didn't want somebody on the Paleo diet to see a section for SCD but not Paleo when many recipes will work for either. Does that make sense? I have the idea in my head but I don't know if it's coming out right lol.

I like the advanced diet idea as well. We could even do SCD/Paleo and Advanced or even just Advanced. Some people might consider it to be too similar to the diet section we already have, but the reason I figured it could be important is because the advanced diets require you to follow them in order to achieve success. With the normal diets section we can talk about stuff like how certain foods may not affect us if we only have it in moderation, where as the people on the advanced diets very seldom (if ever) eat stuff outside of what is allowed on that diet.
Yeah, that makes good sense. I often think of the two diets, paleo and SCD as largely the same. There are some differences, but if I recall correctly, nothing terribly great.

I guess with the advanced diets sub form idea, I was thinking along the lines of it being a place where people take their knowledge learned in this main Diet, Fitness, Supplement form and apply it, or personalize it, to their individual needs. It would be the testing/trial ground. The paleo diet for example is often practiced in a flexible manor by many. Dairy is suppose to be avoided but often many paleo followers will eat a little dairy such as cheese and butter (and live to write about). One of the better known followed paleo writers, Mark Sisson


for example sells milk protein for weight lifting on his sight. Eggs, fruits, nuts and vegetables are season product but thanks to modern convenience most will eat them year round. Something I've taken an interest in of late is water. Paleo followers should drink natural spring water, Dr Cordain suggests in his book. If you don't happen to leave near a mountain with a glacier melting water, or can buy spring water in glass at your store, then from what I read this afternoon best to use whole house filers and reverse osmosis devices to remove the chlorine and fluoride.

The diets have wiggle room with their applications which can make a difference. For example, I was reading this afternoon about some finding relief from their stomach issues once chlorine and fluoride was removed from their water. I guess chlorine in particular is good at killing the good microbes we want in our body to help with digestion.


To be honest I don't even know the difference between SCD and Paleo, besides the fact that many people doing the Paleo diet eat sweet potatos lol.

I think we have similar ideas on how the Advanced Diet section could be, you just have a better way of explaining/understanding it lol. I have everything in my head, but can't think of the words to say it lol.

For example, I think the diet section is good if a person wanted to say something like "My crohn's got way better after I stopped eating chocolate". I think that's an interesting thread for the diet section, but doesn't go deep enough to "qualify" as advanced. With that being said, I think David's hollistic diet approach thread would fit in the advanced section as he has taken it to the point of growing his food, and following a diet more strict than the majority as well. I also think it's a good idea to tag David so he can have a look at your post to see how he feels about the idea of opening it up to more than just SCD/Paleo, but keeping it exclusive enough to the more strict diet followers, regardless of whether they "cheat" or not, because they obviously must have found it works for them still.

I thought it was interesting about the water. I've stopped drinking tap water myself and only drink from bottled water now.


Naples, Florida
I definitely like a, "Diet Diaries" type forum idea. I also like the SCD/Paleo diet subforum idea since they are two of the more popular diets on the forum. I just worry about the subforums not getting enough activity to warrant their creation.

Let me ponder it a bit :)


Well it doesn't hurt to keep this open for a little longer right? There's no rush, and I'd hate to see it go to waste as well. I know there are a few people too following the diets (or similar) that I haven't seen around lately for whatever reason.

Worst case it doesn't get enough support to start, and that's perfectly fine. I just thought it would be worth it to give it a shot and see if others members would use it as well.


I'd vote it for Kwalker but didn't see an actual poll here. Anyways, I think this type of forum would get decent activity. Maybe a broader name such as a traditional/ancestral diets with the subtext that it is for SCD/Paleo/GAPS/Weston Price and the like. We do have a lot of members here following or interested.
I'd vote it for Kwalker but didn't see an actual poll here. Anyways, I think this type of forum would get decent activity. Maybe a broader name such as a traditional/ancestral diets with the subtext that it is for SCD/Paleo/GAPS/Weston Price and the like. We do have a lot of members here following or interested.

you should see it at the top of the page? Hmmm.....


David, due to the growing amount of interest in the diet, could we consider the subsection/forum now?