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Poo pebbles - when should I be worried?

Sorry for too much information but for the last few weeks I've been experiencing hard feaces that range around the size of a malteaser (sorry for ruining chocolate for you!) to a pea like size (becoming more and more).

Normally I am constipated for around 2-3 days, then when I finally go, it takes me ages to try to get out these tiny pebbles. After a while, the last part of it is often quite loose? I also get nausea, sweats and abdominal pain while doing so.

This is strange for me as I'd always experiencie D.

My recent MRI showed ongoing inflammation so could this be a possible cause? When should I be worried? I'm scared it will lead to an obstruction! Or am I completely wrong?

Thank you in advance fellow Crohnies :)
This is quite common.
I sugest you take 1-2 sachets of 'Laxido' or 'Movicol' per day.

They are both mild laxitives that will lubricate the bowel and you will find you have way less constipation and the pooh is softer and easier to pass.

It really worked for me. I take 1 a day without fail now.

Hope this helps.