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Poor healing - could it be due to stoma?


I was just wondering if anyone else with a stoma has had any issues with healing after injury? I have several things which don't seem to be healing. I'm talking about sprains and strains which just never get better.


Yes. Over 3 years ago I perforated my cornea, and it's just finally almost healed now. The eye doctor said it normally takes 2 months for it to heal. Not sure if it's the stoma or the Crohn's that's the culprit.


No. If there is a connection between your digestive system and your healing, I would guess it's that poor absorbtion of nutrients could make you take longer to heal.
If you're on steroids, or have been recently, it could most certainly have an effect on your healing. I'd expect that to happen with cuts and open wounds not sprains. Have you ruled out any deficiencies?

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