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So I had my ileostomy done 5 weeks ago. I feel well enough to go out to the movies, but I really want popcorn. I know it could cause an obstruction, but if I chew it really well can I have it?
After my ileostomy several years ago, the nutritionist told me that I would need to stay away from popcorn and sausage to prevent obstruction. However, my surgeon said that I can eat anything provided that I thoroughly chew it. Since then, I have been eating both foods without any problems.
Popcorn was one of my comfort foods. There was a time when supper after work was simply beer and popcorn. Now its a food that I fear and is on my forbidden list. I only had to experiment once with it after the surgery to convince me.
Pirates Booty, sounds good. If I can find it on the shelf I am going to try it, but without the beer. I have been looking for a safe compatible junk food for Chrony patients if there is such a thing. I can tolerate a few chips, but more than that and it becomes a trigger food.

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Quite often Costco has it. But, sometimes you have to look for it. I'd say Kroger (Fred Meyer) has it too, but not sure you have it up there...
I have not found a store here (in Canada) that carries Pirates Booty, but its available online. With shipping its a bit expensive. I have been substituting an egg salad sandwich to satisfy the urge for snacks later on in the evening. Sometimes grab a wing from a roast chicken I made.