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Possible abscess?

So when i was originally diagnosed with crohns it was found because of an anal abscess that grew painfully large. This was about 13 years ago when i was only 11 years old.

Since then I've had frequent pain in that area that would come and go every couple of months, it would generally hurt for a couple of days and cause great discomfort.

Right now, I'm on my 4th day of pain and I took off of work today to visit my GI, He said he can't see or feel anything in the area, and i do not have a fever or any other negative symptoms, just the pain and discomfort.

He did not prescribe me any kind of antibiotic but he wants me to go see a surgeon tomorrow.

Has anyone had a similar problem? What did the doctors to or find? Would the Rectal surgeon be able to tell if it's actually an abscess any better than

I ask because I have already been hospitalized twice this year for crohn's related problems and took off today as well for the doctors appointment, I just started this job earlier this year and I hate to be such a burden. I'd hate to go and take another day off that I don't really have just for the doctor to say let's wait and see.

I also have an unused bottle of both Cipro(14x500mg) and Amoxicillin, not sure if I should just start taking one of those anyway.


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Hi. Sorry to hear this. I had one big abscess they could only see on ultrasound. I think it was actually the surgeon who ordered it.

I wouldn't recommend starting with eithor of those drugs unless your doctor gives the go ahead.

Hope this is sorted out soon.


You will likely be prescribed Cipro and/or Flagyl but you shouldn't start or stop medication without consulting with a doctor first. What other medication are you on for Crohn's?

If your doctor is sending you to a surgeon it's likely because you need to see one, and they may have better methods for figuring out what's going on. I had both a CT scan and an MRI for my fistula.
The surgeon will know more about abscesses then a GI. My surgeon stuck his finger up there and knew where to press to know if it was an abscess or not. I would definitly take the day off to see the surgeon. It totally sucks having these problems, and missing all that work, but you have to take care of yourself