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Possible cause of Crohn's Disease... Has anyone else read this?

There are a lot of threads here about the MAP bacteria. I believe I read somewhere that about 65% of people with Crohn's test positive for this bacteria. I think there is a thread around here that mentions there is a antibiotic being tested for MAP elimination--not too sure about that one though.
We can only hope that one day it will all become clear.

Most people used to believe that stomach (peptic) ulcers were caused by stress or spicy food. Two Australian medicos overturned this commonly-accepted myth. They showed that that the vast majority of stomach ulcers are caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacterium - and they won a Nobel Prize for that discovery.
I just posted this too, oops!

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Very interesting - cant wait to see what the conclusion is after 18 months!
I must admit, when I first read it, I thought it was a newer article. Got all excited, then I went back and realized it was from 1999.

Though, it is quite interesting that it made mention of the possible Crohn's causing bacteria passing through breast milk, yet no one mentions the risks. Only the risks of breast feeding while on Crohn's treatments. Makes me glad I chose not to breast feed, but also very concerned for those who did, under the premise that "Breast is Best", despite the risks.
Well, and correct me if I'm wrong someone, that MAP is a bacteria we MIGHT carry and we we breast feed our babies we MIGHT be able to pass it onto our children. So our children then would have gotten MAP bacteria from us Mothers.

Here's a question for kiny or someone in the "know". Does MAP exist in raw milk?
It's in raw milk, it's in the cow's millk. It's really high in their feces, when feces come into contant with their milk, which isn't uncommon when a farmer milks a cow, the amount of MAP could be really high.

The shedding of the cows with MAP bacteria is also how the rest of the herd is infected, and younglings are infected because when they come out of the cow they often come into contact with feces through their mouth when they are born.

The feces of the cow is how it gets into the soil and eventually is found in the water supply of humans.

The amount of MAP someone takes in could be much higher from a steak than milk, if a cow is culled when they are dying from PTB (which isn't uncommon), the presence of MAP would be much higher than in milk.

As far as babies and MAP, MAP has been found in milk powder for babies.
Yes, these questions and concerns have been talked about for many years. Despite everyone's concerns, it seems nothing is being done to address this.

In your article it says that the link between IBD and Map have been around since 1913, and it still has not been solved. That is a whole century ago!

Maybe the discovery of this being true would devastate the economy and this is the reason why it is always argued and set aside.
My mum has Crohns & so do I. I was bottle fed but my younger brother who does not have crohns was breast fed.