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Possible Crohn’s

Good evening,

35 year old male, no known health issues, healthy and stay active/ eat fairly well. This entire month I have been out of town for work, this past Monday I started experiencing diarrhea. I had a chicken Caesar salad and a few hours later began having the diarrhea. Up to today (Friday) I have had 1-2 loose stools a day with it being more dense compared to diarrhea, however the urge to empty my bowels is the same feeling as with diarrhea. I have no other symptoms, no fever, no aches, no cramps, no blood. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something related to IBS, Crohns, etc… I am a bit of a hypochondriac ha.

any help or advice would be great.


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You've got a long way to go before this could be called Crohn's. Several days of diarrhea after eating a chicken Caesar salad with no other symptoms of Crohn's is far more likely to be a case of an intestinal infection of some sort than Crohn's. Take some Imodium and go to your doc and have them run some bacterial tests.