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Possible first flare...thoughts?

My endoscopy and colonoscopy results in combination with my symptoms are what is puzzling my dr. The procedure showed gastritis in the stomach, inflammation in the terminal ileum, and chronic patchy inflammation in the colon. All biopsies came back neg for IBD though. GI mentioned possible post-infectious ibs however its not consistent with many of my symptoms...they have mentioned an early crohns presentation and now I going to another GI for a 2nd opinion. Pathology slides are being looked at again.
Every heard of this actually showing anything helpful??
Any thoughts????? I will appreciate any since many of you have had more experience than me and I am totally open!
Thanks for all your posts too, I have read many and it has been really validating. So glad this forum exists. :ybiggrin:

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"showed gastritis in the stomach, inflammation in the terminal ileum, and chronic patchy inflammation in the colon"

It certainly sounds like Crohns! Getting a diagnosis can be very trying however! I'm glad you are getting a 2nd opinion.

I am certainly sorry you are going through this. Bless your heart. I hope they give you something for the inflammation, have they discussed this with you?
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Sorry to hear you going through this. My sister had similar symptoms after she had her son. Ended up being post partum! It presented itself in flu like symptoms, nausea/diarrhea and weight loss. Aches and pains followed. She was not depressed, etc., but as the weeks went on, she found it hard to get out of bed, etc., exhausted, sick....and then was finally diagnosed with post partum. A thought....took her several meds before she saw the light at the end of the tunnel and body stopped vomiting and diarrhea ceased.

Or, chronicle what you are eating and drinking and then your symptoms. You may find yourself allergic to things (body changes during pregnancy and over time) that may be causing the trouble.

Hope you feel better soon!
Glad to hear it is not post partum! Typical allergens or irritants tend to be grains, wheat/gluten/corn and dairy. However, look at what you are drinking as well. NO carbonated beverages or energy drinks. Red dye (in many foods/drinks) can also cause trouble. You will find that sugars will have an adverse affect on you, or anyone for that matter. If you stay away for some time, when you return and have a bakery cookie or other goodie, you will see your stomach causing a little reaction. I have pretty much eliminated all of those items for many years and find that if I improve my diet, my health improves. Good luck!


Welcome to our club! With inflammation like that, it is NOT IBS. IBS does not have any symptoms like that. However, rashes aren't a common symptom of IBD. Lupus causes rashes, and it can also cause inflammation of the intestines. Have you had your ANA tested in your blood? Have you seen a Rheumy? It might be something to consider!

Hang in there! We all understand how sucky it is to try and wait for the doctors to finally fix us. Try and take it one day at a time!