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Possible partial obstruction

Hi All

Just looking for some advice.

I was diagnosed with Crohns in 1986, had several re-sections but last surgery was in 2006. I'm med free and although my Crohns itself is fairly quiet I've suffered a lot with adhesions having regular yearly if not twice yearly admissions to hospital for blockages and having to go on a drip to rest the bowel.

For the last two years I've had a rough pattern of being fairly symptom free for around 3-6 weeks then having cramps and pains for around a week to two weeks. During this time I've had many tests and MRI's which showed inconclusive. My most recent MRI finally showed a possibility of a mild partial obstruction.

I'm also having bladder issues which my Urologist spoke to my surgeon about who both then reviewed the recent MRI saying there was scar tissue and adhesions around the bladder which was likely to be the cause of my bladder problems and advised a course of amitriptyline. My Urologist confirmed that my surgeon said there was evidence of narrowing but nothing that required immediate surgery.

This was nearly two weeks ago...fast forward to today and I'm day 10 of daily episodes of pain and bloating. They are triggered by eating but aren't as horrific as when I have had blockages in the past. They are however like a constant nagging pain that requires strong pain relief, a hot water bottle and to lie down if I am in a situation that I am able to (mostly I'm not and I have to put on a brave face and work through the pain).

This last bout has also presented with quite bad diarrhoea for 3 weeks which I don't normally have.

I'm tempted to ring up my surgeons secretary in order to get another appointment to discuss as I'm unhappy with all the pain.

In my mind if I have a mild partial obstruction how long will they wait to do anything before it's no longer mild?! I'm getting worse daily as it's constantly happening if I eat, with the exception of porridge which never seems to cause me a problem!

I almost wish it was like my 'normal' episodes because at least with those while they are agonisingly painful they are over quicker in that I'm in hospital and on a drip! This pattern is draining me beyond belief :cry:

Sorry for such a long post but any thoughts/advice very welcome.