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Possibly starting Entyvio

Hi folks,

Looking for some advice/stories of experiences of being on Entyvio.

I was on infliximab for 3 years and while it worked well for my bowels, I got a lot of unpleasant side effects. I was tired all the time, did not sleep well, got a fungal nail infection in my toe and my tongue was constantly covered in bacteria. It also affected my vision. In short i struggled to work and enjoy life as I was so knackered all the time so I asked to be taken off it.

My last infusion was in April and I've not been on any medication since . My medical team have now suggested I try Entyvio. I am open to being on a new medication but I am concerned that if I go on anther biologic, I'll end up feeling like I did on infliximab and I'll be back to square one!

Any help/advice you can give would be very much appreciated!
Hi Jonny84, sorry for the very late reply ... entyvio should be safer than infliximab for the symptoms you mentioned. The mechanism of action is very specific into the gut only, while anti tnf like infliximab modify the inflammation mechanism of the whole body.
How are you doing now ? Any feedback? Is it working for you with no side effects ?