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Post surgery

post surgery


I had an illeocecal resection in December and once recovered have been feeling much better apart from still having regular D. I had a couple of public 'accidents' which I wont go into!! When I had my recent check up my doctor said D was normal after the op and he prescribed me Questran - anyone had this and can tell me what its like? I havent started to take it yet.

I havent been put on any maintenance medication following my op - the doctor said he will see me again in September to review me but he recommends that in about a year I have a colonoscopy so they can see what is going on and decide then whether there are any signs of active crohns flaring up again. So I asked him if there was anything I could do to assist in preventing it flaring again but he didnt really have any suggestions - just wondering if anyone can recommend anything? I was considering changing my diet - I read about the SCD but not sure if that would benefit me post surgery or whether its only useful when you are having symptoms.

Thanks so much xx


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Hey Vickie,

Sarah was prescribed Questran Lite following her resection 5 years ago. It certainly worked for her and I know there are others on here that it has also worked well for. Sarah was 14 at the time and she found the texture of it very unpalatable so refused to take it. Maybe had she been older she may have persevered and found a way to take it that she found acceptable. In the long run she found what worked for her was natural psyllium husks.

Sarah over time has found a vegan diet suits her best but I guess that sort of thing would very much boil down to the individual. I only say that because I know the very diet that Sarah follows many people on here can't tolerate and yet they have had similar issues to her. Yikes! Sorry not much help there!

Sarah has been on Imuran since her surgery 5 years ago and has remained in remisssion since then. I don't know if at is all down to the Imuran but it would be nice to think that it was! My son is having an ileocolic resection tomorrow and he will also be on Imuran as a maintenance med. Two different GI's but they are both of the same opinion in doing whatever is necessary to increase the chances of it not returning post operatively.

HTH! :)