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Pouch drain too small and narrow


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I've had a colostomy for 15 years, for the most part i have been purchasing Hollister supplies as others like Convatec do not last as long. My beef is that the double system I use and all of the others have the same problem. The pouch drain is too small or rather too narrow. Its hard to avoid getting poo on my fingers when I remove the pouch clip, fold back the opening to drain. My hands are average in size, I can only imagine the problem is worse for anyone with big hands.
I have mentioned this to their customer care agents over and over again for years, and give me the feeling they are the firewall for the company. Do the people who design these things have a colostomy? Seems doubtful. I wonder if others here have the same issue.
If it was not so far I would fly down and demonstrate the problem to them in person, or somehow send them a video of my plight.
I'm currently using Hollister 8724 flange and 8314 pouches Center Point Lock two piece system, K fit.
I don't see that pouch listed in the Hollister catalogue (https://www.hollister.com/us/files/pdfs/prodcat.pdf), but if it's one of those longish bags, then they certainly look like narrow openings.

My Hollister New Image pouch (#18193/18183) has a 3.5" outlet and it's been great for thick output, but I've used other products with very narrow outlets, and they are better for liquid output.
Layed flat the pouch opening is 2 and a half inches wide, and the length is about 2 and a half inches long.
I can see how being an extra inch short can be an issue! I haven't used the Center Point products, but is it possible that they may have other sizes that are compatible with your flange?
An inch short! This is exactly what I thought is wrong with these. What are you using?
Currently using the Hollister New Image pouch (#18193/18183) with the 14603 wafer (tape border). These do not have locks, but they are secure and have never failed me.


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I am going to call Hollister and give those a try if they fit. I have never been satisfied with the security after having had the bag separate from the flange. I use electrical tape to hold the bag to the flange in four pieces of tape allowing just enough room to burp the bag of gas. These must be taped as they simply do not lock well.

Sometimes the spout rips since I often have to stretch and strain the plastic to make it a bit wider just to invert the end to make it possible for draining.

BTW electrical tape works well since it has to be rated for wet and acidic environments, and a colostomy is just that; wet and acidic. I sometimes get a pin hole leak (probably from the cat on my lap) electrical tape makes a perfect hole repair.