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Pre Op appt next Wednesday

Hello I'm new here!
I met with my GI today and we both decided, along with my family, that having a proctocolectomy is what's best for me. I have my pre op appt set for October 3 so, a week from today. Then I'll set my surgery date. I'm having the surgery within the next few weeks for sure before my prednisone taper ends.

I'm excited and nervous and scared and about a million other emotions are running through me. I've been reading through these threads on the stoma sub forum so I guess I have some idea as to what to expect. I guess I'm just looking for support from people who know what im going through. I love my family more than life but no one can support you like the people who have been there, done that.

I look foward to hearing from you!


:welcome: To our little neck of the woods. I'm glad you've been reading our threads, and dont think we're complete nutters. (phew!)

Are they going to have you meet with a stoma nurse pre op as well??
Good luck JennaRae!! If you haven't already, definitely meet with your stoma nurse before surgery so you can get a good location marked on your abdomen for the stoma. They will have you sit and stand to determine how your body creases go with movement and with clothing, and try to fit the stoma to be most natural with that. The stoma nurse can also give you a few stoma supplies to experiment with before (and after) surgery so you can get a feel of what is to come. I tried out several different bags in the week before surgery to see if I would have an allergic reaction to the adhesive. At one point, I had 4 bags attached at the same time because I was short on time. I was able to eliminate 2 brands of bags that way and it saved me time and pain after surgery.

I live in your general area of Texas (Lewisville). Where are you having your surgery done? ((Don't answer that if too personal--my apologies in advance))
Thank you guys!!!
I'm not sure yet when I'll be meeting with the stoma nurse. I'm hoping it will be soon though so that I can get a bunch of my questions out of the way and like you said, possibly try some bags out.

I'm having the surgery at Baylor Dallas. I go to Baylor Grapevine A LOT!!! So it will almost feel familiar to me lol.
Ha! I had mine at Baylor Irving. The hospital is a bit...rundown...but I got EXCELLENT care there. I'm not sure why my surgeon does his procedures there, as he has privileges at other Baylor locations, but I did have fantastic care there.

Whatever you think of between then and now, don't hesitate to ask. We get distracted by our own experiences and sometimes forget to answer the real questions right away, but we usually get there in the end..so to speak. Hahaha!
Lol, I understand.
I think my biggest questions are about supplies. I guess I need to contact my insurance about what they cover? Or is that something the stoma nurse will be able to help me with?
I know that appliances are like shoes, you just try them on until you find one that works best for you. There's just SO many accessories out there, it's blowing my mind!


Fashionable stomaista's!? Yes, accessories make the outfit! :ylol:

Sorry....ahem. I did mention we have a sick sense of humour didnt I? It was the London Fashion week, I was overcome NOT.

Your stoma nurse will be an invaluable source of help and advice no doubt about the insurance issues as well! And no doubt, all the accessories too! Lets hope she is a gem and you meet her ASAP!
I know right!
Believe me, the sicker the sense of humor the better!!!
I'm so relived to hear that my nurse, whom i hope i meet sooner than later, will be able to help me out with that. All of this insurance talk is like another language!
My stoma nurse asked what insurance company I had and then was able to hook me up with a supply company that accepted that insurance. Like you, I was soooo relieved.
Definitely! While in the hospital recovering from surgery, you will have a stoma/wound care person come around to take care of bag changes and teach you how, etc. I have no doubt that that person will be capable of the basics, but ultimately you will probably rely more on what the actual stoma nurse (at your doctor's or surgeon's office) recommends.

For instance, I think most hospital stoma care staff tell you not to use soap on the skin during a bag change. For some people this is fine. For me, it caused a weird reaction with the paste I was using and my skin. It looked like yeast, but it wasn't. The stoma nurse said--let me guess, they told you not to use soap. Ha! I use a mild soap now and no more weird skin issues other than occasional breakdown which happens to everyone from time to time.
I don't really have much to add. I just wanted to wish you good luck. Unfortunately for me, I didn't receive any training before leaving the hospital after my ileostomy. It was the home care nurses who taught me how to manage. They also are the ones that got me set up with a supply company and took care of my first order.
Good luck hope it goes well for you and is uneventful. Keep us posted on your progress and hope you have a speedy recovery hugs. I know how hard this decision is I'm going to have the 2nd op next yr I think need to go bk in November to tell them my decision. Thinking of you xx
Thank you so much!!!
I will definitely keep you guys updated. I can't hardly sleep, waiting for this pre op appt!!!
And I'm also thinking of you!