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Pred and coffee...

Curious question, friends. How many of you can tolerate coffee while being on Prednisone? Any idea why coffee could affect it?

This is my 4th time on Pred and twice I had no problem with coffee, and once I did. I wonder what's going to happen this time :p
same here am on 10 mg a day and love my coffee...but I need to start taking some calcium and D vitamins ...any suggestions ...chuck you must be taking some kind of supplements
same here am on 10 mg a day and love my coffee...but I need to start taking some calcium and D vitamins ...any suggestions ...chuck you must be taking some kind of supplements
1000iu (mg?) of Vitamin D plus 1000 calcium (1 extra strength chewable tums every day), regular dexa (bone density) scans every 6 months, some weight bearing exercises. Bone density is increasing over time :)

I also take HMB which counteracts the catabolic properties of prednisone, creatine and protein but those are just to build muscle and stay lean :)
Thanks chuck I need to get on it .... do you take a easy to digest one or the hard cap...I have been looking at this site called life extenions ...but dont know if I will buy from them
Not sure if you're asking about the prednisone, vitamin D or calcium? All are tablets, the calcium one is chewable.. the others you can grind up with a pill crusher or swallow whole.
sorry for the confusion and yes I was talking about the calcium and Vitamin D... the prednisone I just close my eyes and swallow...but can I ask what your dosage is of the pred and if you had the option for remicade for free ...would you try it
hey guys,ive heard conflicting reports about coffee and caffeine in general.i changed to caffeine free coffee and seem to be a lot better for it,not had that much fizzy juice in months and feel better for that to,its worth trying as if it works great and if it doesnt then so be it.
usedup i was on remicade for a year and had no bother with it,my problem was tapering down on the pred and my symptoms would kick in again but you might be lucky and take to remicade and be able to get of the preds,ive been dx with osteopenia because ive been on them for so long.no on humira and starting the tapering down again.if it was me id go for it,luckily in the uk i got it free on the nhs
6mg/day for over 2 years now. I do have the option of remicade for free (or almost free), I live in Ontario, Canada and there is a provincial program through which you can get it paid for by the government. Personally I don't need to since I'm in remission, but if/when things get worse again I might try it. I'm actually hoping by the time that happens there will be something even better on the market :)
I'm still having mixed reactions to coffee. Some days I can drink it tons, some mornings I am running straight to the toilet. It is bizarre!


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Coffee never bothered me although I switched to decaf when I was on the prednisone. With the insomnia the last thing I needed was caffine (especially Tim Hortons)
When I was on Prednisone, or heck even when I wasn't on it coffee in general didn't mix well with me. I would be ok at first, but the more I had the worst the symptoms got. Running to the washroom and stomach pains.

I also found caffeine (of any sort), whether in coffee or carbonated drinks upsets my stomach. It also increased heartburn.
I have a non-Crohnie friend who can't drink coffee because it makes her run to the bathroom E V E R Y time. Thankfully, it does not have that effect on me. Someone above mentioned Tim Horton's and it made my mouth water. Wish I didn't have to go all the way up to Maine to get TH. Random thought but they have Tim Hortons on some military bases in Afghanistan. Its the only thing my husband missed about that country LOL!
Speaking of Tim Horton's, I have discovered that I can handle taking the Pred with it. Any other coffee, even stuff I make myself or instant, I can't. Timmy's for the win! :p But seriously though, no problem drinking Tim Horton's. I was first afraid it would have the same reaction as something like Starbucks but nope!