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Pred & anxiety

I'm currently on predisolone, started at 40mg got down to 30mg then had to have IV steroids this week as flared again, now back on oral 30mg. Take them in the morning & by mid afternoon I feel like my head is going to explode. Everything sounds "loud" and I start to get really panicky & restless & snappy,(not fun when I have two children to contend with). My Dr has given me diazepam & zoplicone & the diazepam does calm me down & the zopiclone helps me sleep but don't want to become dependent on those type of drugs (already on codeine for 20 years & now being taken off morphine so dealing with that as well). When I "google" anxiety & pred it seems to go hand in hand so I guess it would be nice to know I'm not alone here feeling loopy on this god awful drug?? 😔
You're definitely not alone! I never had the anxiety with it but I did get very crabby. I had a short fuse with everything. Once they taper you down to a lower dose yet you'll start to feel more like yourself again.
I've been tapering down from 60mg. I'm now at 12.5 and am up often in the middle of the night (like right now) with a good bout of anxiety. Gets me in the night most of the time. I have Ativan to take to combat it. Works well.

I too have two kids - 8 and 5 and they call me the Incredible Hulk when I'm on prednisone because I turn into an angry monster when I'm on it.

You're not alone. :)
I think the sleeplessness was probably the worst for me. I could deal with the mood swings. I'm sure my fiancé could have lived without them :)

The angry feeling was terrible. I felt so bad for the girl that works with me. I went home one night and just started bawling because I realized how mean I was. When I came to work the next day I again started crying and apologized.

I have a 10 year old and he just knew when to steer clear of mom. He's always been super helpful though! When I came home from the hospital he would ask me every day what number my pain level was at, then he would tell me he wasn't trying to be a pest he just wanted to make sure I was ok. Kids are the best!
Thank you all. Ended up going to my Dr today as literally felt I was loosing my mind! My temples were constantly pounding, I could hear my heart beat in my head, super miserable & feeling so out of it it was scary. My Dr has put me on diazepam which helped calm me this afternoon but again with two kids that makes me feel very "spaced" out. This is definitely the worse I've been on steroids. Not sure if it's because I had IV steroids as well as oral last week but really need to have my head feel clear again & stop freaking out, oh & hot flushes ...., as I'm laying here with my fan blasting at me trying to stop my mind racing! Horrible medicine 😔😔