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Pred Suppositories- those in the UK

Hi all, my GP wrote a script for these back on Monday, and to say I'm having problems filling it would be an understatement. Seems the manufacturer can't supply! Has anyone else had this problem recently?
I had been writen up for Pred retention enemas the week before, but please that MUST have been a bloody joke. There is NO way I could hold in 100ml of fluid overnight!
The supps have worked in the past, and I am desperate to get back on top of the rectal/anal inflammation- but now can't get my hands on any!! :voodoo:
I guess the next try will be Predfoam- has anyone used this and found it better, or easier than the enemas? I cannot go back on them. May as well pour the 100ml straight down the loo and cut out the middle man.!!!!

And x
I've tried- they say they've had the problem for MONTHS, may well explain why they gave me enemas on release last week. Wasn't sure if this was a local or a National problem.
Guess it will be the foam route next. It's just that the supps work, tried and tested lol


Bourbon Bandito
I've used the predfoam,it was called cortifoam. It did wonders for the inflammation lower in the colon. A bit on the annoying side at first, I got used to it quick.