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Predisolone having no effect except to make me swell up

Hi all!

I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to this. I have been put on 40mg of Prednisolone by a new consultant. I have been on it previously for about 10 years on and off. I was diagnosed as having steriod-induced Addisons disease and I am a permanant dose of hydrocortisone.

I have noticed NO DIFFERENCE in my Crohns disease since being on the 40mg affter two weeks. I don't even feel extra hungry (I dont think anyway)

The only thing that I have noticed is that my legs started to take on water in quite an alarming way (I put on 4 kg in water in a week in just my legs). This can happen when the protein in your body isnt high enough and somehow Prednisolone can set it off.

I have made an executive decision to take myself off the 40mg and since then my legs have gone down and I haven't had any steriod withdrawl symptoms like headaches etc. I know you shouldn't cut them off like this but I don't think my body is absorbing it as I can't feel it. Can that happen??
When I missed a day of prednisone, I had awful diarrhea. I think it is better to taper off. Have you told your doctor your decision? Maybe, he can suggest something else?


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I agree with Ron.If you can't get an appointment with your GI,at least let your GP know about your side effects and that you've stopped the pred.
Pred shall be tapered gradually, unless your doctor ordered something else, and even then I'd ask why.
Have you been taking the pred in morning hours ?