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Prednisolone adult acne

Hi, just wondering if anyone on here has any advice on treating the side effects of acne caused by prednisolone. Im currently only on 10mg per day down from 40.. im 33yrs old, so not a teenager but looking at the state of my face you would think otherwise.. any help would be much appreciated..
Ive been using tea tree oil with some success though its not gone by any means.... there are products for sale that contain it but we are an essential oils house anyway so i use the straight oil mixed with a little coconut oil then put it on, cover with a warm towel for a few minutes then wash as normal. It seems to help some
I usually just wait it out. It usually shows up for me around 30-25mgs and stays a little beyond the final tapering off.

I use a gentle face wash (Cetaphil) when I shower in the morning and sometimes at night if I get around to it. I don't wear any makeup.

Mine is annoying, but not terrible.