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Prednisolone and mood swings

Okay so I'm on prednisolone for my Crohn's, I wean down to 5mg tomorrow (the 3rd of February) but I'm still have mood swings?

I've started talking to a guy who is a potential "love interest" I guess you could say and he knows all about my Crohn's and I've warned him about my mood swings. Long story short I've been really snappy and argumentative with him lately and I feel absolutely awful about it. I guess it'd just be nice to hear about some other peoples mood swings they've had with this so I know I'm not alone. I feel like one more "roid rage" episode and it'll all be ruined with him.

At the moment when it's happening it feels like I'm blinded with rage then once I'm calm I feel like the angry person wasn't even me and I feel terribly guilty and tearful...

Is there a way for me to calm myself down if I feel like I'm about to get snappy? It's not just him I get snappy with but friends and family, but they're used to it whereas he's new in my life and probably won't understand it all :(
Hey, I also started prednisone 2 weeks, the mood swings are just a natural
Side effect of the drug, with some people feeling it more then others, it' really differs. The moods can be difficult to control at some points but just no it's more medicine taking its natural course. It isn't you. I'm sure your family and this new guy will understand completely. I'm sure once you finish off of this medicine the symptoms such as these mood swings will disappear or atleast lessen significantly. Hope I could help with some comforting :)
I'm having awful side effects from prednisone and pentasa. Just started taking them the 1st of January 2015. While initially the super high doses of them i received in the hospital and IV pain meds did stop this screaming in pain attack that has been one of my worst ever. Now I have awful rashes breathing issues horrible mood swings and oh Gawd the nausea. I've had this since birth and was only diagnosed a few years back. I tried entocort didn't work. Actually the only thing I've found that helps a little is a bowel and bladder relaxer called hyrosyctine which gives me bad soar throat but i only take it when I feel a problem coming on. Is anyone doing ok without any drugs just changing diets ect? I'm really not comfortable taking any steroids, I have a pain med for a back injury I take PRN for stomache and back now. It seems like a waste of time too. I've been on the "white diet" low residue thing for months. Now I don't even want to eat. Just drink everything I can get my hands on beside liquor never could drink alcohol. Anyone have any thoughts on what I should be eating, and or trying to take besides steroids.
Hey guys thanks for replying. The mood swings have been terrible lately and as of tonight I have no idea where me and the guy are standing. I feel like I've really messed up
Thank you Hiller im still trying to take all the meds. See another dr this week. I hope your doing better. Hopefully I will learn my way around in here, accidentally went in the chat where a "word police" was fighting with someone....im thinking steroid rage lol.