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Prednisolone and Salf Intake - moon face

Hi All

Just wanted to share something with ye. Those of us who have taken prednisolone from time to time will all be familiar with the dreaded moon face. I am currently on a tapering dose, but this time I won't be ever going back on it as it didn't work for me. But this time I notice my moon face is not as bad as last time - i mean barely even noticeable. and i have put it down to one thing - i have eliminated salt completely from my diet - now i mean avoided completely, no salt in my dinner, or anything plus i have not bought anything that has salt as an ingredient like bars, sauces, pretty much anything in a package. have any of you ever tried this while on steroids to see if it helps with the fluid retention and moon face????? these days i am at home so i am pretty much cooking everything myself aswell, sauces, salad dressings etc. and i definitely think this is the reason the moon face isn't as bad!! hope it helps :)