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Hi, so my doctor has put me on prednisolone for 8 weeks (every week I reduce the dose by one tablet) and i have a few questions about it so if anyone knows the answer i would really appreciate it

1. Whats the difference between prednisolone and prednisone?

2. When should i start experienceing side affects

3. Does everyone get moonface and wen does it go if i get it?

4. Finally when should it start working?

Thank you!
Prednisone is activated in the liver into prednisolone but the two drugs are very similar. As far as I'm aware, here in the uk we tend to use prednisolone.
The insomnia may kick in right away but if you take the whole dose first thing in the morning it can help with that. You may not get any other side effects as you're taking it over a relatively short time, reducing each week.
I doubt you'll get moon face for the above reason.
You'll probably notice a difference within two weeks, maybe more maybe less. A lot depends on the severity of the symptoms being treated and how your body reacts to it.
You may find your symptoms start to reappear as you taper down, so don't be surprised if, on your doctors advice, you have to taper more slowly and end up being on them for longer than eight weeks. Hopefully they'll do the trick though, they usually do :)
Bunty x


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I agree with Bunty.I put my alarm on for 6am and took mine then.If sleeping is a problem then the doctor may give you a script to help.Some people get mood swings or the munchies,but I had no side effects at all.Symptoms eased in 5 days,but returned with a vengeance towards the end of the course.Cleared up before I could get an appointment though.


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All steroids consist of four interlocking rings of carbon atoms as a basic backbone. The four rings are called A,B,C, and D. The difference in function of the many different types of steroid comes from the different chemical arrangements of other carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and other atoms attached to the four rings. There are hundreds of different natural and synthetic steroids.

The difference between prednisone and prednisolone is very minor. Prednisilone has one more carbon-carbon double bond (the adjacent carbon atoms share two electrons instead of just one) in the A ring than prednisone does. Other than that they are the same.

In practical terms they can be viewed as slightly different versions of the same medicine.