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Prednisone and abnormal ECG?


I was just wondering if taking prednisone can cause an abnormal ecg? I had complained to my GI of noticing a heart flutter when I first got on pred, however they have since gone away. He told me to get an ecg which I did, and they just called and said it was abnormal and have referred me to a cardioligist. I am kinda freaking out a bit, and am just wondering if this is common, or something I should be worried about.

Literally 6 months ago I was a completely normal 20 year old. Now I am 21, being referred to cardiologists, have crohns disease, had Cdiff.... etc. been a weird 6 months and I am getting tired of what seems like endless medical problems. I am in shape, don't smoke, eat well, play sports etc. just very frustrated and worried, and wondering is anyone can give me some insight?
Been having really clammy hands, feeling a little light headed, and noticing that my heart beat is having slight palpitations/ is a little fast......don't have appointment w/ cardiologist for another month, so I guess if it was a serious problem they would want to get me in much sooner than that.

I really think I am just stressing myself out/setting myself up for anxiety attacks, as I was feeling just fine a few days ago until I got the news of my abnormal ECG.

Really need to calm myself down, does anyone have any advice?
When my son was on pred he experienced a high heart rate. He could feel it and would go to the school nurse who would take his bp/hr and it would be high. He also had anemia during this time so it was probably a double whammy. He didn't complain of it after tapering off pred and no echocardiogram was done.
I'm currently on my 3rd month on pred and my heart rate/blood pressure are both really high. When I asked my GI she said it was from the prednisone. I haven't had an ECG but my heart always feels like its pounding.
Though prednisone can cause an increase in pulse and blood pressure, it is not known to directly cause any conductive or other electrical abnormalities of the heart.

The first question I would have for anyone 21 with an abnormal EKG is about any previous ones. If you have had any previous ones were they normal? Is this finding a change from prior? If this is your first, there is a good chance, this abnormality is not new.

Keep in mind that EKG readings comes out with machine generated reads. If something like one lead was a bit misplaced it could be churning out an "abnormal" read even if it isn't. In younger folks things that look abnormal, often in reality aren't. Things like early repolarization and J point elevation are common normal variants in younger people, especially if thin.

If one were to find a significant new abnormality on an EKG like a tachyarrythmia ( A-Fib/Flutter or SVT,) 2nd or 3rd degree block, anything to suggest coronary disease, or significant muscle abnormality ( Cardiomyopthy,) you probably would have been sent to the ER, as these need urgent evalations.

In someone 21 years old it is likely the referral to cardiology is to close the loop just make sure everything is A ok. If there is some minor abnormality an echocardiagram is a simple, safe, non invasive way to get a decent structural look at the heart. Many people have minor changes on EKG that have no significant clinical impact.

Good luck.
Thanks for the replies guys, still a couple weeks away from that appointment with the cardiologist.

baistuff -

Really appreciate that reply, yes this was my first EKG.

My doctor had mentioned something about normal varients, and when I talked to my gp about it, she mentioned early repolarization, and that she did often see it in young, skinny guys (im 5'10, 170)

Your post really helped me calm down and relax, I think for some reason the thought of being sent to a cardiologist at such a young age freaked me out, and I was already stressed about being diagnosed with crohns a couple months ago