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Prednisone and going back to work

I am taking prednisone for the first time and am feeling a long list of side effects. I would like to start back at work but at the moment, mentally I'm not sure I am up to it as I have a real "brain fog" and have to constantly write lists for myself to remember things. I am taking 40mg, tapering by 5mg per week. Should I expect to improve with tapering or do I just have to get used to this until the steroids stop?
Scoobie, I am in the same situation. But, I have been working and the fog or scattered brain is driving me nuts along with many other side effects. This drug is just evil! I too am at 40 mg a day and will start my taper next Friday the 23rd at 5 mg a week. I too, am curious about how soon the side effects go away and fearful of Prednisone withdrawal. I wish you the best of luck! :)
Well, I have to say first of all, that it can affect people differently, but the brain fog (horrible!) is very common. Tapering also can bring on different side effects like dizziness, Joint pain and fatigue. I think I only started to feel normal once I got below 10 mg.
Sorry it's not a more 'cheerful answer', but just want you to be aware. It is a great feeling when you finally get off it.
It's good to know people are out there in the same boat. Any information is welcome, Grumbletum, even the less cheerful type, because at least it gives some advanced warning of what could happen,

Best wishes with this drug, Carolhew. The way I look at it is at least there is an end in sight and the fact that I think I am well enought to work is very positive.

My next problem will be physically travelling in to work and then trying not to start ranting when anyone asks me if I am pregnant (slender body, large belly) or tells me I look well!
Scoobie, you couldn't have said it any better! It is nice knowing we are not alone and have others that we can relate to!
Hey guys, I was foggy at the beginning but then it totally went away for me. Everyone is different though. So funny that you mentioned a slender body with a swollen belly, that is exactly how I feel. When I first got home from the hospital, after my diahnosis of uc, I had lost 30 lbs and was scrawnyyyy! That was 2 weeks ago. I have since gained back 10 lbs and it appears to be... Just in my belly. It doesn't look fat, I just look distended. So I totally look preggers. None of my clothes fit so I have been wearing thick tights with super loose waistbands (for comfort) and flowy tops and cardigans. I still feel slim, but also comfortable with not having tight shirts on. I went from a size 8 or 9 to a size 2. I have more clothes than most people that I know and now I have a few select things that I can wear. Not that it matters, I only leave the house to go to my GP, GI, get blood taken, or grocery shop. Flannel pants and tank tops are my textile of choice in the homestead. Lol.
Being home so much, we recently acquired a heck of a lot more channels on the ol boob tube. All the movie channels, hbo, bio, doc, oln, own, disc, history, Disney... So excited! Being on couch rest sucks, but not anymore!
Anyways, nice to meet you guys. And remember that the power of the mind is a beautiful thing, so just tell that drug that it will no longer be negatively affecting you. Cheers.

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Rollercoaster is right! I started a new job in finance - a new field for me - while still on 30 mg, and I'm still clearing mistakes I made back then. Don't think work really understood what was going on with my poor head, but luckily were very patient when I was training.
I tried to write all the new stuff down and lists are a great idea - at home too. Enjoy the manic energy while it lasts, grit your teeth for the taper and be kind to yourself. You will get through it x
HI, i was put on 30mg per day for 7days then have to half dose for another 7days, seems like everyone is on it for so much longer then 2weeks though.. this drug is pure evil.. my re is going to speak to me at next appt about ongoing drugs, what would the main ongoing drug be and are they also evil.. (do they use predisilone as an all the time drug or just when you have a flare up ?)
Seb, for me prednisone had been the most evil of all the drugs. :voodoo: I am also on Humira and Pentasa and have only had minor side effects. But everyone is different! I am currently tapering off the Prednisone and have 3 more weeks, I am at 15mg a day now and have just started to feel human again in the last week! I am so ready to be off this evil drug. Good luck with the new meds and let us know what the GI recommends.
Hi Everyone,
I just joined and have a question about Prednisone brain fog. Looking at the other posts, it seems some of you have experienced it also.

I have been on Pred since March 2015 for allergies (unrelated to UC). I started at 40mg and after a couple month or so was down to 10mg. About 3 months ago I started tapering down by 1mg a week and am at 1mg/day now.

The brain fog started just the last 3 months but it seems to get worse rather than better. I am surprised I feel it so strongly even though my dosage of Pred has been quite low for weeks now.

My question is - those of you who have had this brain fog and come out of it after stopping Pred - how long does it take to go away....?? Does it linger for a while or should it reduce along with the Pred? - Just hoping it's not something more serious than the "Pred Fog."

Thanks much!!!