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Prednisone and pain medication?

I saw my Gi as a follow up from my hospital stay, and he noticed that the admitting doctor sent me home with Percocets for the pain. I'm on 60mg of prednisone, and my GI this morning told me not to take the pain medications if I can, because that plus the steroids could have serious effects. Has anyone been told that taking pain meds and steroids at the same time can be harmful? I've been on them in the past together, and had never been told this.


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I went to an online drug interaction checker and put in pred and percocet, and it said no known interactions exist between those two drugs. So I would think it's fine? Maybe the doctor meant that pain meds can sometimes cause constipation, and steroids might slow things down as well, so the combined effect might not be great? That's the only thing I can think of.

Here's the online drug interaction checker result I got:
Yes! I think that must be what he was talking about, because he was saying the pain meds could mask serious symptoms an things like that. I remember him talking about the effects of each one. He must have meant that altogether can be dangerous.

Every time I go I get things jumbled up.


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Hey Amanda,

Matt was on steroids and pain meds both in hospital and at home. The pain med he was on at home was Endone (Oxycodone). No such warning was ever given to us.

Constipation could well be the reason why he has warned you but also take into consideration the recent issues you have with your liver.

About 90% of drugs are metabolised by the liver with the remaining 10% being metabolised via the kidney's. Perhaps he is also concerned about placing too much stress on the liver as well??? Just a thought.

Dusty. xxx
Thanks dusty! He did mention the liver stuff as well.

I was terrified to take any pain meds after he told me that, but my darn stomach hurts so bad :(


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GI this morning told me not to take the pain medications if I can
That implies to me that he doesn't want you taking them unnecessarily but if you have pain that can't be tolerated then take one. :hug:

Thinking about you, :heart:

Dusty. xxx
Thanks :)

That's kind of what I thought, but wanted to just ask. He also said taking it could mask more serious symptoms, so that could also be why he wanted me to be careful. I did take one tonight. But I really have only been taking it when needed. I don't like to take the things if I really don't need it.
I take prednisone and Percocet when I get a flare up (undiagnosed). I was told that when I stop them the pain will seem worse. But when I'm in that much pain I don't care.
I think the pharmacy will tell you if the meds you are on cannot be taken together.
I take either ! Ultram, Or Percocet when the pain is high, and my GI has never given any warning against reactions between the two when taking Prednisone I am forced into this regimen quite frequently. My Prednisone amount has never gone higher that 40 mg. so maybe as Prednisone increases , the liver becomes an issue. Clearly more Dr face to face time is needed, if concerned.


My daughter was given the same pain med as Dusty's son and put on pred by an er doctor.

Her GI doesn't want her to take the pain med as can mask serious symptoms. She believes if she is in enough pain to need them she should be at the e.r.
Catherine- my doc was talking about it masking more serious symptoms as well.
Last week when I was in the hospital I was also getting 60mg solumedrol and dilaudid for pain as well. No one had mentioned it could be harmful, so it seems like the GI wants me to be cautious about taking them in case my condition should worsen.

I Just thought I'd get some input from you guys :). I have also taken these meds in the part together with no problems. I was just curious.


Sarah's gi concern is bowel obstruction. She is an usually case, developed fistula while appearing to be in clinical remission.