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Prednisone and poo :)

Hey guys... I have a question... its a bit gross, but I guess the title kinda conveyed that already... anyways! I was wondering whether or not Prednisone and Imuran were supposed to control the big D, because I thought that Prednisone was supposed to but I've been on it for three months and still have constant D. I'm gaining weight so I am getting nutrition but I'm just wondering whether I'm supposed to be normal or not.

I am currently tapering (YAY!) and I'm down to 10 mg from 60 mg and I go to 7.5mg in a week, am not having too much pain, just the normal pain after eating and gas pains after dinner. I am, however, losing hair like CRAZY, but I think thats the Imuran. Then I have the lovely puffy face and fatigue. Jeez, I can sleep 13 hours a night and then still take a nap during the day, its insane!

Anyways, does anyone know if I sound normal? Well... normal for a CD patient.


I took prednisolone for 18 months first time around as I too continued with D and tiredness for a good 12 months after I started taking it. It wasn't until then that there was a noticable change in my symptoms. Along with the Pred I was also taking Imuran and have since discovered that did nothing for me. The Pred however, did eventually put me in remission but I had the side effects to contend with then. Maybe have a word with your GI and see whether you could try something else or maybe whether you could stay on the steroids or maybe a milder steroid for a little longer. I was told that steroids don't always work straight away, and that sometimes you have to give them time. I know for sure that Imuran can take 6 weeks to begin to work , even longer in some cases. As far as your question asking whether you're normal or not goes, I would have to say that your symptoms are similar to what mine were so you can't be abnormal. Speak to your doc, he will know whats best for you. Hope all works out for you.

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I recall it taking the Prednisone quite awhile to change my bowel habits.
I also remember losing a lot of hair while on it! :eek2:
But about six months off of it and it came back thicker than ever!


for me the prednizone would stop the bleeding but i would still have D a looot. so i dont tihnk ur problem is uncommon :)


I took pred. for like 2 years & it only stopped the bleeding not the big D. My hair also fell out like mad, every time I brushed it or showered there seemed to be so much on my brush or in the drain. I finally cut 15 inches off & I cried myself silly over it (it grew back quickly once I came off it :) ) Also I put on lots of weight , my face looked like a pumpkin, I was exausted & I was as mean as could be :( But alls well that ends well :) You sound like a perfectly "normal" CD patient to me.