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Prednisone and Stretchmarks


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I don't know if all of you have gotten stretchmarks from being on this God awful drug but my sister and I both have. None of the stretchmarks are recent as it's been about 10 years or more since either of us has taken Pred. My sister's are worse than mine but mine have always been bad enough to where I won't wear shorts or a bathing suit unless its ungodly hot out. I know its a futile question but what can we do? We both look like we used to be like 100lbs overweight and now just have loose damaged skin. We've also tried using creams and such (that we could afford) but we still got stretchmarks and the only thing that made them fade in color was time.

I guess my main concern isn't the color of them but the looseness of the skin causing it to sag or just look like an 90 year old woman's paper thin skin. Is the only fix cosmetic surgery? Wish I could get the drug companies who ruined our skin to pay for that. :voodoo:
I wish I could say my stretchmarks are from Pred, but I got them during puberty at about 12-15. I just have really sensitive skin. As far as I know there's not much to do about it. I used to not even want to wear a bikini because of them. I think I've gotten over them now, but I still don't like the ones on my legs. I don't have an answer for you, just sympathy.
Pred an hydrocortisone
yep big ugly purple streetch marks - on a guy ??? WTF??!!!

Thank you cd your just wonderful
I have been on and off Prednisone since I was 12.I have big purple and red stretch marks.My new ones developed around my ostomy and that side of my stomach sticks out farther then the other side now.Its disgusting...I was asked when I was and asked when I had my baby!I have never been pregnant.We adopted our daughter.But I wish sometimes I had been so wouldn't get looks when I say I'm not.I wish I knew of something for stretch marks cause cocoa butter don't even work.
Yep, great big purple stretch marks on my boobs-real attractive. Anything to distract from the full body acne and 40 extra pounds, right?
I'm on Entocord and Salazopyrin, and even though i'm losing weight, I just keep getting more and more stretchmarks too. I go through bottles and bottles of tissue oils and creams and NOTHING seems to be working either! I thought I was a freak of nature?? Thanx for the post! Glad i'm not alone! Best of luck forward**

There's a lot of creams that claim they help but they're all untrue. There's absolutely nothing you can do. Sucks but its the truth.