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Wondering if it's typical for a GI to prescribe both of these medications at once. I was diagnosed with Crohn's (terminal ileum) in mid-January 2015, and I was released from the hospital on Pentasa and 40mg pred, which was then decreased to 20mg, and currently 10mg. After my colonoscopy they decided that since there is still active inflammation, they would add entocort into the mix in addition to the prednisone and pentasa. Is this typical? Shouldn't one steroid be enough? Just want to get off the prednisone! Ahhh! At this point shouldn't they be looking for a different way to control the inflammation instead of pumping me full of steroids?!
That does sound like to much . I have been on Entocort before and it is only a mild steroid. But when paired with Prednisone your steroid levels are gonna be high and you'll be seeing side effects like swelling, fatigue, joint pain, and mood swings. Talk with your GI about your concerns.
I have been on Pred & Entocort simultaneously. It was unpleasant to say the least. Eventually ended up on Remicade back then.