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Prednisone its getting away from me.

I am back on Pred. 40 mg to 30mg now 20 mgs all for 10 days and the side affects are getting away from me!

Anxiety/panic attacks, hands trembling (forget trying to light a candle) heart palpitations, a little bit more cramping. I am having a hard time finding out how to get rid of this feeling!

Since you said you are back on prednisone I am assuming you have been on it before. Have these side effects subsided as you continued your dose in the past? When I have been on it I notice my body gets used to the side effects as time goes on. I hope you can get off of it soon and that you feel better!
I have had these see affects before, this tie they seem to be bothering me more and I
am not sure why. Its great fun! I am sure they will go away quickly when I am done with them