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Prednisone & my long fingernails

prednisone & my long fingernails

do u think its the prednisone thats getting my fingernails to grow @ such a fast rate.
i am currently on 20mg daily.
i have never had my nails so long & strong.
I have been on 40 mgs a day now for about 4 months or so and I can't say I've noticed any big change in my nails. I constantly file, bleach, buff, and polish my nails also so if there is a change maybe I am just not picking up on it. Good question tho, can't waite to come back and see if someone has a true answer.
I have no idea, but do you think maybe it could be because you are absorbing nutrients better while on the pred?
When it comes to hair once again I cant give much input due to haveing so much of it LMAO! But yuh, I do shed like a dog, I should be bald when I think about it, but I haven't even noticed it so much as thinning. *shrugz*
My finger nails grow fast also but my hair has been shedding for
months now. At this rate it is so fine I will be bald by age 50
mRae85 I used to have hair like yours a couple of decades ago.
My hair litterally breaks brushes.... I usually buy a new brush every month or 2 just because the thing flys apart my hair is thick, curly, and really long, so when combined.... I could beifiet from the shedding if I noticed it. I have how ever been keeping an eye on this, my fingernails do seem to be growing a bit faster than what they used to.
I've noticed that my fingernails grow faster and are much stronger too since I started on Pred. They usually break pretty easily. Now they're really strong. Hmmm......I finally found a benefit. I'd rather be 40 pounds lighter than have good fingernails though. Ha ha!

Oh -- and I think my hair grows faster and is thicker too. Hmmm........still would rather be 40 pounds lighter...............:lol: