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Prednisone not kicking in?

Hi - I am on prednisone, 40mg for three days, then tapering down. It hasn't done anything yet. (Also on 6mp and am waiting for enytvio approval). It's only my second day on it, but I remember it working faster when I took it in previous years. I'm worried that if it doesn't work that it might mean my problem is adhesions and not active inflammation. I'm also posting somewhere else on the forum about flagyl, but if any one can weigh in: I've been off it for 3 days but the tingling in my fingers and toes hasn't stopped. Thanks for your help in advance.
You might want to contact your doctor since you are having trouble with the prednisone? Let us know how you are
I'm on 45 mg at the moment tapering after a flare put me in hospital last week. 2 year ago, 25 mg kicked it in the bum within three days. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the degree of inflammation there. It can also lose it's effect over time at a particular dose. It's only 3 days so far, keep it up and good luck :)