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Prednisone Taper Fatigue

I'm off Prednisone after starting at 60mg for a month and then tapering down to nothing for another month. I'm sooooo sluggish it's ridiculous! I made my boyfriend throw out all the extra prednisone because I feel so tired that I just want to take like 4 pills just to feel energized again! It's a terrible feeling! Does it go away? Is there a way to make it less awful?
I'm actually surprised they tapered you down so quickly. It took me like 8 weeks to taper from 60mg. It does get better though, it just takes times. If your body needs extra sleep right now, then sleep more. You will start to feel more like yourself eventually. Sorry I don't have better advice. Is there anything else that could be contributing to the fatigue? Hang in there!