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Prednisone taper - mega headaches and sore muscles

Hi all -

I’ve been tapering prednisone with no issues over the last two months until about a week ago. I was 3 days into 5mg and started getting headaches. I didn’t think much of it. Then, a few days ago, my taper went to no more prednisone. I started waking with headaches and have crankiness and sore muscles along with it.

I called my GI on Friday morning, but never heard back from the medical assistant I left the message with.

Tired of feeling bad, I started taking 5mg again to cover me for the weekend until I can call my doctor again on Monday.

Has anyone ever done this? Any advice?


I finally heard from my doctor and got a prescription for the 2.5mg. It made. Huge difference and I am feeling much better.