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Prednisone to heal fistula?

Has anyone had any experience having a fistula heal with Prednisone and Azathioprine?

My Gi said controlling the disease should allow fistula to heal on its own. The Surgeon is refusing to do any surgery due to the recurrence and my Gi refuses to put me on Remicade until I have exhausted other options.

His suggestion is to use Prednsione 30mg and 100mg Azathioprine to control the disease and allow the fistula to heal on its own. I am literally getting f**king irritated at life. Have had 2 openings for 1 year now and still no changes. Pus keeps draining out of the fistulas on a daily basis.

I can't go anywhere else as I am going to a government hospital where everything is close to free and service is good but I can't get alternative opinions unless its out of pocket and I don't have enough to pay for surgeon consultation as private practice are literally 10-15x more expensive than government hospitals while both services are comparable.
Don't allow it to go on for a long period of time. If you don't notice any improvement soon, I would ask for other treatment. Let us know how you are.
Remicade is a self financing drug and isn't covered. So he wants me to use all other options before going on Remicade.

Can a fistula heal on its own if Crohn's symptoms completely stop?