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Prednisone Vs Imuran Which is better?


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I raised this question in another post, but thought that it required a separate posting to do the question justice. For everyone who has been prescribed both prednisone AND imuran, which provided you the most benefit? Which gave you the worse side effects? Have you or your doctor ever listed the pros and cons of one versus the other? If you had to choose only one of these, which would you pick and why? The point of all this is that my GI wants to wean me off of the prednisone (because of the long term side effects) then put me on Imuran if my symptoms persist. Just wondering if anyone else has gone that route, and if so, did they see a big difference in the pros and cons of one versus the other??
although i have never been on imuran, taking these drugs together seem to have a better effect than taking just one. imuran you can take more long term than prednisone so i would take the imuran if i had to take only one and pop on and off of prednisone while on the imuran if it came to it.

same concept goes for prednisone and 6-mp and other drugs. that's why they fill you full of pills :)
I'm not so sure its easy to compare the two because prednisone is to bring down internal inflammation, and imuran is an immunosupressant designated to bring down your immune systems response and slow down its attack on your digestive system. So they are designed for two different effects.... however, having sais this I hate prednisone. On higher does I gained weight and had mood swings and puffy face and difficulty sleeping, with the imuran I have a problem with losing hair and muscle fatigue. And one of them, I'm not sure which, causes sun sensitivity.

If I had to choose one, I'd pick Imuran