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Prednisone withdrawal headaches? Anyone else get them?


Sports Crohnie
I'm down to 4mg/day. Each week, I'm tapering down 1mg/day. From 6 to 5 and 5 to 4, I started getting headaches. In fact, I've had headaches every day for the last 10 days. I'm one who rarely gets headaches. I assume it's withdrawal but should i be concerned? don't see GI for another 2 weeks.
omgosh fen yes, i would have to say that is my worst pred withdrawal symptom. i would consider those headaches to be migraines, theyre so bad.
ive even thrown up purely from the pain before.

never could find anything to help though. just keep takin tylenol and hope its doing something.
yeah, i'm on a taper right now, 5mg per week... i was on 30mg last week and yesterday down to 25mg... i get headaches and fatigue when i taper off of prednisone. i pop a couple tylenol if the pain gets too bad.
i'm slightly depressed without my little preds:( i miss them so much! but no headaches here, just a longing a yearning for energy!


Sports Crohnie
jed...that's funny!

i don't miss it at all. worst drug ever. my co-workers call me the Hulk...cuz I look like Ed Norton and I'm on ROID'S! LOL.

glad i'm not the only one to suffer. sounds like it's normal. today not so bad but, still some headaches. can't wait to rid myself of pred.
How are you tapering off of them? I am starting to taper now from 40mg a day. My GI has/had me going 40 one day 35 the next, back to 40 back to 35. Basically alternating for 4 days and before dropping again. We have never done it this way before. He wants me to get to 40mg every other day, with a day of no pred in between and then we will go from there.


Sports Crohnie
that's a strange way to tape, matt

i went from 40 to 5 then back to 20 (reflare). since then went to 15 for two weeks, 10 for two weeks, then dropped 1mg/day each week. I'm at 3mg/day now. So, less than 3 weeks to go but headaches still an issue.