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I was on prednisone for 8 weeks and on birth control. Now my periods are irregular even though I have been off prednisone and I used to be like clock work... I'm due to start Remicade Friday, should I expect the same thing? My GI MD is great but he is a guy and not really familiar with how these meds can affect my cycle. Help!!!
Im on Humira and my cycles are horrible , despite being on birth control. My GI dr. said that it was due tothinning of the blood caused by Humira. I also bruise extremely easy since I have been on Humira. Prednisone is the devil. Not only does it make you jittery, but it depletes your bones of Calcium. It really has affected my teeth. I recently had 3 pulled and Im only 30, so I would like to keep my teeth. Entocort is another steroid used for crohn's that doesn't have all of the negative side effects. I was on Remicade for about a year, but it didnt work for me. Maybe one day a drug with no side effects will be created. I wish.. What I can say is that the side effects of these drugs are far better than the flares . Good luck! Kim
I would not anticipate Remicade affecting your cycle. Also hopefully your body just needs some time to adjust after the Prednisone and you will be regular again soon, especially on birth control.

Kim - I had never heard before that Humira (or biologics) thin your blood. That's interesting to know.

Humira never affected my cycles in any noticeable way while I was on it, for what it's worth.