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II was recently disgnosed with crohns and have yet to speak to my doctor about meds for me however my friend has crohns and when she was first diagnosed she was put on prednisone. But mine isnt as severe as hers was, so is there a chance i wont be put on prednisone? Really what im asking is if every crohns patient is put on prednisone? No matter what the severity of it is?
Ihave had a few different Doctors but all seem to agree Prednisone only a temporary answer not longer term esspecially for female patients. If I were in your place I would much rather try etenncort (spelling?) then prednisone my Grandma had a stroke and died after being takin of prednisone and there are just alot of side effects especially with long term use in women often cause bone loss, etencort more expensive also a steriod much safer didn't work for me unfortunatly, but if your symptoms are minor I would opt for something safer then prednisone unless it was just short term dosage and make sure the ween you off it don't let them just stop the drug..