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Anyone any experience with this??
I've been using predfoam and colifoam all year, can now keep them in long enough for them to work but they're not working AT ALL!! The consultant has added predsol, which is a waxy butt- tablet but this isn't helping either!!

Am I being impatient?? Predsol only for a week now, but I have put more in every time it's come out, as per doctors instructions!! Also using predfoam and colifoam 4-6 times a day between them... Surely this should be helping??

My psychological state is deteriorating rapidly and I'm getting more and more exhausted fighting this... Help please!!

Thanks guys!!


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Hi, sorry nobody answered your question sooner! I haven't been on any foams, so I can't give any input on those. And I don't know if I've been on predsol specifically, but I was on some type of generic cortisone suppositories a couple years ago (as you mentioned, it was waxy, so it may have been the generic of predsol - I think it was called anucort?). I stopped taking them after about 6 weeks, as I didn't notice any improvement at all but I did experience a few side effects (about 6 lbs of weight gain - so about 1 lb per week - and since I was doing the suppositories just before bed, they made me kind of wired and I wasn't able to sleep - my bowel issues didn't clear up nor improve, though). So no, in my experience, I gave it a bit of time but no improvement with those suppositories. I would say maybe give the suppositories another week or two as sometimes steroids do take a little while to kick in, but if it's still doing nothing by then, then it's probably safe to say it's not effective for you.

I'm also "indeterminate" by the way, so because of that my GI doesn't always quite know what treatment to put me on. Do you have inflammation in the rectal area, is that the reason for the foams and suppositories? It's difficult being indeterminate/not fully diagnosed, it's like an extra hurdle (or five or ten) in trying to achieve remission. I hope you're able to find something that works well for you. Hang in there!
Thanks Cat!!
I've managed to get an appointment again tomorrow, it's only 2 weeks since the last one but 4 different meds rectally this year and none of them are doing anything useful... So I figure it's time to push this one along a little!!
I had a scope last week- a full colonoscopy with the physician and surgeon as theres a question over intusussception too, although the theory is thats just because the dieseased bit has gone a bit saggy... Anyway, apparently the last several inches are inflamed/ diseased but nothing else. I have had inflammation in other bits of my colon but never any small bowel involvement, so apprars like UC but I don't respond to 5 asa drugs and biopsies seem more Crohns- y so we're not really sure but yes, butt treatment due to location of disease!!
I'm so exhausted, I've been off work this week which is not something I do without a fight!!

Not totally sure if I'm gonna get any other treatment options, but we need to at least try as still no improvement and it's 10 days on new predsol meds, with several foams every day on top so seems like it's not responding!!

Thanks for the support!!


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That's interesting that you mention intusussception, I had heard the term but I hadn't seen any threads about it on the forum up until recently - then there was someone just a few months ago in the Undiagnosed Club who was dealing with multiple intusussceptions, so I'm going to tag her here - hey jessie45, are you around?

I wish I had more answers for you, but I hope you can get things back under control. I hope your appointment went well? I missed seeing your reply until now so I'm presuming you already had the appointment. Hopefully they were able to figure something else out to get you some relief.
I'm in the hospital on 400mg IV hydrocortisone for a few days to hopefully fix it :)
Not ideal but was really good cos they wanted samples and the samples were really grim... So whilst its crap its also good cos they see whats going on!!

Yeah, i have a recto-rectal intususception dx by the delightful 'defacating proctogram'... Don't recommend that one ;)

Thanks again cat!!
Hi, sorry I didn't see this for so long! My intussusceptions resolved spontaneously, when they did small bowel follow through they weren't there any more. Either they were caused by motility issue or one doctor thought just a random normal thing that happened to be caught on CT but I don't think that's true as I was having so many issues and could feel 2 hard spots after eating which I assume is where the intussusceptions were. I have been on motileum (domperidone) since September and it has helped immensely. My vomiting has pretty much been eliminated. I also have been doing traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbs and this has made the biggest impact on my extreme constipation. Things are pretty good right now for me :)

OP how are you doing??