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Pregnancy after laparoscopic ascending with ileocolectomy

I've had Crohn's since 2013 and mostly managed my symptoms without medications. I recently had about 14inches of my small and large intestines removed plus my appendix due to a perforation right before a big stricture I had since the beginning. I know that people have had more taken out and had successful pregnancies but I'm wondering if anyone has the same incision down their middle and around their belly button (about 4inches long). I also have/had (?) an umbilical hernia from my first pregnancy. I'm wondering how this will affect me if I get pregnant again as that's the highest point of growth. Interested in anyone that manages Crohn's naturally and has had kids, as well. Thank you! :)20220805_103952.jpg
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Your title says colectomy. It wasn't total? Do you have a colostomy? Still have your rectum. The reason I ask is because my daughter just had diversion surgery, trying to avoid a proctocolectomy. Her surgeon said that the proctocolectomy could affect fertility but also that if she has a j pouch or total proctocolectomy that a colorectal surgeon should be present at the birth of any of her children. She is only 22 right now so that conversation meant nothing to her but you could bet I filed that info away. If you have kept up with your surgeon, I am sure they could give you some good info.
Sorry, I'm new to these terms and simplified it too much. I had a laparoscopic ascending with ileocolectomy. I do not have a colostomy bag and I do have my rectum still. Having Crohn's put me in the category of "high risk" pregnancy as well but really only if I have a flare at the time. My cousin has a J pouch and had a child after but was also considered "high risk". I'm not sure what kind of specialists were present at her birth. My surgeon seems to feel that I should have no issues with fertility or pregnancy.