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Pregnancy and Combination Theraph

I probably should be posting this in the pregnancy section but afraid not everybody will see it. Im currently taking 40mg of humira weekly and also on 25mg of 6mp daily. As there is very little patients on combination therapy in my region my crohn's doc is very very reluctant about the safeness of getting pregnant on this therapy. Has anybody conceived and remained on combination therapy while pregnant? I had my last flare around christmas but am happy to say ive settled now with 7 months am because i have left sided crohns in the large colon the doctor says it is hard to treat medically and when i am under control he wants to keep me that way but at 35 I can hear the old tick tock of my biological clock!! :shifty::shifty:
I'm not sure about the combination therapy. I did discuss the use of biologics with my GI as I am trying to conceive as well. I was told that Humira can be taken until 25 weeks with no effects to the fetus. I was also told that Cimzia can be taken until 30 weeks.

I hear you on the tick tock! I wasn't super helpful but hopefully someone will come along with an answer for you!

Good Luck!!