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Pregnancy and Crohns/Colitis

Hi Everyone,

In May I had a sudden urgency to have a bowel movement and there was a ton of blood and had stomach pains for next couple of days, along with small amounts of blood for next few weeks - cramps were tolerable. Went to the fam dr, did blood tests (showed inflamation) and stool tests (no parisites). Same episode repeated a month or so later. Saw the GI 2 weeks ago and have a scope sch for next Friday. I realize getting diagnosed can take a while but my husband and I want to start trying to get pregnant. Thoughts if we start and find out I have crohns or colitis? (both run in my family). Can you have scopes when pregnant? I didn't get a solid answer from my GI
Ok, so disclaimer I'm not an expert but these are things my doctors have told me as I've gotten into my 20's about Crohn's and pregnancy.
First, if you get pregnant in a flare, your flare will get a lot worse- this is typically what they see. If you get pregnant in a remission you will normally stay that way through the pregnancy. Plus in a flare sometimes nutrition is a concern which can be dangerous if trying to grow a baby.

Next a lot of the meds they give us are not pregnancy safe, but some are- make sure you tell your GI doc this because you don't want to go on a matience medication like methotrexate! the TNF alpha drugs like Humira or Remicade are considered safe.

Scopes and other tests are questionable, scopes use different forms of sedation which are generally safe but other tests like CT scans that use radioactivity are not ok.

Honestly, my best advice would be take care of you first and then think about a baby. Talk to your OBGYN and your GI openly about it because they will have better advice or solutions to concerns that may come up.
Best of luck!