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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Published on 23 Dec 2012

Sally Fallon, the author of Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, gives a presentation that discusses the research work of dentist, Weston Price, in the early part of the last century, there are compelling before and after photoes in this presentation that demonstrate just how our modern diet affects people in first, and then second generation children. She presents an interesting case for how this diet affects our DNA expresses its fullest genetic potential, and gives plenty of slow food for thought about how we may be able to turn this degeneration of our genetic expression around by learning from our elders, so to speak... the traditions of the indigenous people that Weston Price researched...

I highly recommend a viewing of the presentation for anyone thinking of having children, or grandchildren.


This video has been posted in a few other threads here and deserves a plug on the pregnancy boards. Worth every second of the 2hrs running time. My Crohn's symptoms began when I was 25yrs-old and 8mnths pregnant with my 4th child. Interestingly, he is the only one with teeth issues. The info in this video, I believe, is a great starting point to taking back and passing on the health we all want our kids to have.