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Can anyway offer me some advice. My doc wants to put me on 6-mp starting at 50 then getting to 75 however I want to get pregnant. Has anyway here been on 6-mp or equiv while being pregnant and what was the outcome. I am trying to decide whether to hold off on the drug til after kids but of course there are negatives to this. The internet this far has given me very confusing information.

Also what has been the common side effects from the drug that you have experienced.

My doc also said to stay out of the sun while on this drug but I am confused, I can't find much info on this or evidence to prove it increases skin cancer rates, I spend alot of time wake boarding and being outdoors so this would impact my life heaps (it's not like crohn's doesn't already)....
Google suggests 6-mp isn't a total no-no when pregnant. There are a lot of positive indications. Of course, not controlling your Crohn's would, I'd have thought, also have implications for the baby.
As ever talk to your doctors, and maybe get a second opinion too if it helps you make your decisions.

There isn't a known pregnancy category, however there is a paragraph on there about it.

The reason you should stay out of the sun is because it increases your risk of any sort of cancer (due to being immunosuppressed) also, it may cause photosensitivity (Imuran does this) and that can cause horrible sunburns. Just ask MBH (another member on here)

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Yeah - photosensitivity is the issue with Imuran (similar to 6mp). I got a terrible sunburn this summer while on it. Had no idea that I was supposed to avoid the sun. Just religiously wear a high SPF sunscreen, and you should be fine outdoors. No need to stay inside because of it.

My cousin was on Imuran during her pregnancy. Basically I think, category B drugs aren't "supposed" to be a problem during pregnancy. I was on one during mine. You might want to ask your OB/GYN for advice just to be sure, or your pharmacist.
It would be best if you were stable/not flaring before you become pregnant, in my opinion.

Welcome to the forum Bindy!

edit - Hmmm.. I thought it was a category B, but I just searched and it says category D.
Pregnancy: Pregnancy Category D. Imuran can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. Imuran should not be given during pregnancy without careful weighing of risk versus benefit. Whenever possible, use of Imuran in pregnant patients should be avoided. This drug should not be used for treating rheumatoid arthritis in pregnant women.

I guess that if the risks outweigh the benefits, then that's what you have to go on. If you can take something else instead, I think that would be safer.
Or - if you are not looking to get pregnant right away, maybe you could try the 6mp for a year, and then try to keep yourself in remission with a milder drug.
Good luck with whatever you choose.
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Welcome Bindy

Definitely see your OB/GYN before you even try to get pregnant. He/She should be able to advise you on what meds to avoid. I was only on Asacol during my pregnancies.

I felt great during my pregnancies, but some people have awful flaring while pregnant

6mp is a category D. There are fetal risks associated with it. Your OB will be able to tell you if its harmful mostly during early fetal development or during late term use.

Good luck. I hope all goes well for you.
Hi Bindy. My GI recommended that I never get pregnant while flaring. If your body is already having a hard time keeping it self nourished and under control how can it support another person? The decision is up to you, but I would get a few medical opinions. Talk to your GI and an OBGYN.

I fell pregnant whilst feeling quite bad and the first 3 months I was even worse. Then when I hit 16 weeks and the good hormones kicked in I felt great. Very tired i admit and slept a lot (even more than normally) but not alot of pains and D.

I was on Pred the whole pregnancy to keep me well and tappered down to 20mg but it definately helped. My 2nd pregnancy I was ok so no steroids but I was on Azathioprine and still had a healthy baby.

As said before speak to your docs but at the end of the day if you feel you can handle it then it is worth all the pain.
Hello Everyone,

I just recently joined the forum, my husband is a crohn's patient he has been having crohns for 15 years, currently he is on Remiciade every 6 weeks, I was just curios and wanted to find will Remiciade have any effect on pregnancy, or does it affect male fertility and sperm county, any input or suggestion is appreciated