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Pregnant on Humira

Just wanted to give an update on my pregnancy for anyone who is interested.... I'm going into my 13th week! Ive had one ultrasound so far and things look good. Normal growth, normal heartbeat... Humira dosent seem to be effecting baby yet but it's still early, so we'll see how things turn out. My normal crohns belly aches (back and forth between constipation/diarreah) havent changed much. So far things havent been TOO bad, but other then that I'm feeling great!:)

Wish me luck everyone... and pray its a girl:lol:


I don't think it is much fun being pregnant, but hey that was my experience. But I know what you mean by the pray it is a girl remark. On the day of the sex determination ultrasound my mother asked me what I was going to do if they said it was a boy... I told her, it can't be a boy it just has to be a girl ;)

I got my wish hehehe.

Good luck, keep posting about it. I am sure other women would be interested in your experience.


Pen said:
Congrats on having a baby and cheers to having a girl, I got one too, but now she is 20!
Is having a teenage daughter as bad as they say it is? I am thinking Rosemarie might be interested in hearing your response as well! (Or at least she is semi-crossing her fingers she will get to face a teenage daughter!)

BWS1982 said:
What's wrong with us boys...without boys, girls can't make more girls.
And there are so many things I could say to this but I would predict that almost all of them would be totally inappropriate to post! So I willl just say I love boys, but I would suck at raising one.
Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well - I have had 2 pregnancies since being diagnosed with CD - although i had CD with the first they just had not diagnosed it.

All 3 of mine were healthy babies - i was monitored closely.

I have never taken humira but took predinisilone and mesalazine whilst pregnant.

Why do you want a girl ? Do you have a girl already ?

I have 2 boys and a girl and i think boys are so much easier:smile:

My 5 year old girl is like a teen already:ybatty:
It's funny, when a new father is with a bunch of guys they all hope for a boy (often), and when women discuss the prospects, they hope for a girl (often)....I'll admit the idea of raising an identical gender sounds easier though. I have 3 brothers, and a step sister I almost never see. I had little perspective on the childhood of girls, but still know enough about them to function in society and date one (mysteries still abound that science has yet to decrypt). :)

I've heard more often that boys are easier to raise than girls, only because girls can act out more often. I am not making a case either way, simply stating what I was told, don't kill the messenger.

Personally for my future down the road, I won't care as long as it's healthy and happy, it can be whichever.


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Yeah, raising kids solo made me realize that I was glad they were boys. I really haven't a clue how a single parent could raise a young child of opposite gender on their own. Like, out in public.. just the three of us... fast food joint, or theatre. If one needed to go to the bathroom, WE all went. I couldn't send on by himself, I couldn't take one and leave the other by himself.. (talking when they were lil boys).. Hey, even now they're grown, if one stands up to excuse himself, I still start to get up too... Old habits, eh? I couldn't picture coping with 2 girls, or a boy N girl. Oddly enuff, I first wanted to have girls. Luckily, it wasn't in my hands to choose.
I didnt think that remark would start such a debate lol =)
IDK... I just said it because I like the idea of putting bows in her hair and buying little dresses! This is my (and my husbands) first child, so I havent thought much farther then that, although you guys do bring up some valid points... something to think about as I wonder what the sex will be. We wont find out for another 7 weeks! Seems like forever... I'm not due untill christmas day. Poor kid, I'd hate to have my birthday ON christmas, but thats how the cards were dealt so I guess we'll have to find creative ways around that. I've always wanted to have a beach themed birthday party in december lol =)

My husband wants a boy of course... I guess it does boil down to wanting the same gender because you think it will make things easier. Either way I'll be happy, I just hope this baby is laid back and well behaved like I was... not wild and hyper 24/7 like my husband was lol!

P.S.- are bad headaches all the time normal during the first trimester? It seems like every week they get more intense and I wake up with one, and fall asleep with one everynight! *uugh* I asked a nurse today and she said it's a normal part of high hormones, but I still worry. Aren't severe headaches EVERYDAY for a month a sign of high blood pressure or something??? I've had no worries untill today when I woke up with a migrane and starting thinking to much about it. Reality check I suppose... just when I think things are going wonderfully my body finds little ways to remind me how fragile my health (and the baby's now) really is....
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I always get headaches when pregnant - hubby calls them "headslappers" as a pain would shoot through my head and make me grab my head !!

When i was pregnant with no.1 i really wanted a girl and was so shocked when i gave birth to a boy !!

However with no/2 i had enjoyed a boy so much i wanted another one !!