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Prep day - hungry

Colonoscopy tomorrow. I had my last meal 3 hours ago; I'm getting hungry already and it's at least 24 hours before I'm going to get to eat again. It's so hard to fight the temptation to have a snack.:(

At least last time I was ill and didn't have much of an appetite. Being healthy makes it worse.

It's not nice at all having to starve yourself on top of the bowel prep! I managed to stave off the hunger pangs with lime jelly and clear chicken broth on top of drinking plenty of water. The first proper meal after the colonoscopy will taste so delicious no matter what it is!


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I've found hot drinks, broth, and lots of water helps take the edge off.

I also try and keep myself occupied with a book or hobby.
When all else fails I nap.
Salty broths helped me a lot when the hunger pangs started, but like scottsma said, once the prep kicks in, you won't care so much about food.
Mmmm bacon...drool.

Good luck with the prep! I was only hungry till I started the prep. I was in the same boat as you. First colonoscopy was so sick I couldn't eat...2nd one was healthy so it was like a whole different prep experience.

Let us know how the test goes.
Well that was a good bacon sandwich. I think I'll have another one.:biggrin:

This was a year after surgery, and haven't had any meds. The bowel was clear, but my "Neo Terminal Ileum" had some small ulcers. Have to wait for the biopsies but it does seem the disease is fighting back and that means I'll be put on Aza. I'm quite pleased about that in a way as it does mean I'm getting some treatment.

I did it without a sedative so was able to see all this and discuss it with the doctor. Quite interesting really.