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Prep Day SUCKS!!!

Got call this morning to say a cancellation in the endoscopy unit meant I had just won a date with colonoscopy tube tomorrow WOOOOOOHOOOOOO
So off my hubby goes to chemist for the dreaded PREP, I have spent the best part of today looking at the back of various bathroom doors reading numerous bottles of shower gel and shampoo and explaining to my poor children why I had to run off and leave them watching tv on their own yet again. Then meal times the torture of it all, trying to stand there long enough to make sure the dinners didn't burn and dishing them out only to sit watching everyone else enjoy.
Sorry for being such bore, you would reckon after 25 years of scopes that I would have come to terms but it just plain ole sucks and to make matters worse I have to leave my 20mth old who had just got out of hospital with pneumonia for the day when she should be snuggled up with her mammy.
Feel like having a good old cry today but can't upset my children.:frown:


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Aww that's awful but at least you're working on getting well so you can be with them. Can't do much for them when you're feeling poorly.

You gotta have some better reading material than that, even a kids book will do. You're gonna be in the bathroom for a while so keep something good in there to read. I don't see how you can hang out and watch everyone eat when most of the time spent is in the bathroom. :p Maybe you can have a special clear and bubbly liquid that you don't normally get all the time and pretend its dinner (assuming no red or purple dye). And don't forget chug chug chug! :p They suck I know. It'll be over soon though.
Prep is just evil, holds in bathroom just long enough to miss all the fun then your backside gets fed up just in time to watch everyone eat hahaha roll on tomorrow for getting it over and done. and 20 mins of uninterupted sleep!!!! The last few mouthfuls were more like chuck chuck than chug chug
now some sleep before i arrive at hospital to find the best looking doc ever who will scope me so i can add cringe to already long list of emotions.

Crohn's Mom

Aw I know how bad that prep sucks ! So sorry :(

Best of luck with the scope tomorrow tho ~ It'll be over with very soon!
and I agree with Crabby ~ You definitely need better reading material! LOL
I did that prep 2 weeks ago in the Hosp. Brought more up than I drank. Didnt make the night nurse very happy but really no eating for i week and diarrhea for 2 weeks. Really nothing left
in there !! Had the colonoscopy!! Oh the joy........

Good luck!!
I feel your pain, sister. My prep was Sunday for a colonscopy on Monday so it's way to fresh in my brain. Hang in there...we're all behind you!