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Prep day!

Weeee, it's that time again!! Colonoscopy tomorrow, which of course means today is the time we all know and love - prep!! Yippee!

(Sorry, I'll start speaking English now - I am also fluent in Sarcasm).

My prep is Pico Salax, which I love (yes, I actually do - compared to the other preps out there). Did you know they make a generic version? Costs a bit less than the name brand, just FYI for anyone else!

...I'm already cranky since it's that-time-of-the-month, and now I can't eat for 24 hrs?!? aijaioguhafigubhth!!! AND, I take a weekly chocolate-making class on Mondays. So, I can't even taste anything I make! What a BUMmer! :p Trying to figure out the logistics with my friend who is accompanying me and driving me home - ugh, wish this was over with already. Not to mention, of course, my paralyzing anxiety about the actual procedure itself (I've woken up in my last 2 colonoscopies...)

Thanks for the vent, CF! You guys are the best.
Hope all goes well, at least you can look forward to an awesome meal when you've had the colonoscopy :p thats what kept me going, lol.
Is that one better than the Magnesium Citrate?! It is soooo awful! I can barely get it down without puking. But oh ya! There isn't anything to throw up since we can't eat!

I am drinking my prep right now. I have my first colonoscopy tomorrow! I hope I don't wake up either.
Not to mention, of course, my paralyzing anxiety about the actual procedure itself (I've woken up in my last 2 colonoscopies...)
Holy crap (no pun intended, ha!), that sounds terrible. I'm guessing you get fully sedated? Did you use the same anesthesiologist both times? Yikes!

What exactly about Pico Salax do you love? I've never met a prep that I didn't hate.
Thanks guys! It's going well so far, the Pico only took about an hour to kick in, and now things are really movin'... :p

Bamboling, the Pico Salax prep is a powder you mix with water, it has magnesium oxide and citric acid, and in water they make magnesium citrate... But, you only drink 150 ml at a time, so it's not bad at all.

Scoutfinch, I say I love Pico Salax because you only have to drink a total of 300ml of the stuff (2 x 150ml doses)! It is orange-flavored, still doesn't taste the greatest, but it's a lot easier to just plug your nose and chug it than having to drink 10x more volume. All the other 'effects' are the same, though, and you're supposed to drink lots of water to replace your fluids. As far as fully sedated, I'm not sure what that means, but I got versed and fentanyl... The first time I woke up it was almost over, so they told me just to hang on and it would be done soon... The second time I told them I woke up the first time, so they gave me a higher dose, and I still woke up. So, not sure why that was... But, most people are just fine, didn't mean to freak you out! ;)

Was reading the instructions that came with the Pico - Warning: This product may cause diarrhea. ......YA THINK!???! :D :D :D

Also, I should add, the directions from my doc also include taking 2 x 5mg dulcolax pills.
Thanks, scope is over and I'm feeling back to normal... I woke up during it, again, and was REALLY uncomfortable. Doc says all looks OK save for some minor inflammation in my TI. Continue with the Humira and follow up in a few months.


Well, the results sound pretty good. That sucks that you woke up during the scope, though. I think that's one of everyone's worst fears. Did they knock you back out or were you awake for the remainder of the procedure?
Once I woke up, I looked up and saw the screen and realised what was going on, that's when it started hurting... And I said, "Ow, it hurts!".. According to the report I got afterwards, it looks like they gave me 50 more mcgs of fentanyl and 2 more mg of versed once I woke up. Then I was awake for the remainder of the procedure, not in pain really, but very uncomfortable as I could feel the scope moving around and coming out. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't be looking at the screen but I could hear the nurse talking to me and I remember asking if it was almost over.

My last scopes, according to the reports I got, I had a total of 200mcg fentanyl and 10mg versed. Maybe that's why I was so aware during this procedure, I only got a total of 150mcg fentanyl and 7mg versed.
Glad that is over now for you..
It really can be a most uncomfortable experience when you wake up.
They gave me Medazalane which makes you forget..........I still have no recollection of getting dressed and talking to the doctor afterwards...:)
Well done you..
Take care...
One time when I woke up during my colonoscopy I remember seeing my heart monitor reading jump every time I hiccupped. I thought it was a hoot, and told the doctor so. He said "Oh, she's awake" and that's the last thing I remember...

I've woken up most of my colonoscopies but just for a few groggy moments before going back under.