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Prep day!

And I'm at work...
Thankfully don't have to take the dynamite til I get home but am hungry already! Its gonna be a loooooonng day!!


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Good luck with the dynamite------hope its smooth sailing for you.
In a few weeks I have the same ---not looking forward to it at all.
Hugs and best wishes
So, 9 hours without food is like, the longest... Gah!!
Dynamite #1 working its magic :(
Thanks for the support!!


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It sounds like prep is already underway, but good luck! I couldn't imagine having to go to work on prep day, you're braver than I am. I know you said it was just clear fluids while you were at work, but even so, I see people eating at their desks and all sorts of food smells come out of the break room - I don't think I could handle being around all that while on clear liquids only! For my last scope, I had some vacation days saved up, so I took 3 days off - prep day, scope day, and a day after to recover. That was pretty nice. Anyway, I'm rambling. Good luck with the rest of your prep and with the scope too!


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Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly, let us know how the prep goes and how you do with the scope, fingers crossed for you!
Thanks guys!!
Had a good ol scope, they got right to my TI, thankfully I was sedated!!
Turns out the first 8 inches from bum up is pretty much screwed, but the rest is looking great!
So now I have a billion different types of bum pill/ enema to play with...
Expecting my dignity back in the mail ;)


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Know how you feel.
Its great to see you so positive and looking on the humorous side of things.
Hope I can be the same in a few weeks.
My crohn's is in the lower left colon, sigmoid area.