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Preparation for colonoscopy

My colonoscopy is this Thurseday. My doctor wanted me to start doing miralax and Gatorade this past Thursday. So far, I don't feel like it has been very effective . Could this be due to a stricture?


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I can't help with that Ron.Do you also have a prep.solution to use on Wednesday ? It just seems that a week is long time to start prepping,but I would have a word with which ever Doc.suggested the mirolax and Gatorade.Best to you.


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Seems a bit long too. When I have a scope I am asked to stop eating anything with seeds a week before hand, that's okay as I cannot tolerate anything with seeds. I also have to go off blood thinners a week before. However, I am allowed solid foods up until 24 hours before the procedure. Then I have to drink a jug of that awful stuff (cannot think of the name of it; Peglite?) during the last day before to clear my bowels, and drink only clear liquids.


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It partly depends on the dosage, does he have you on a "regular" dose for a week just to make sure things are moving in preparation for the actual scope prep?