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Price Increase for Pentasa

I just renewed my prescription of Pentasa and found the price had gone up >70%, this for a so-called generic drug that is similar to aspirin and was developed ~40 years ago. Has anyone else noticed this outrageous price increase? Is there anything we can do about it?
I guess I haven't really noticed any price increase in my Pentasa. It's always been expensive whenever I've gotten it anyway. So, I always just grin and bear it. At one point I did find a coupon that helped with the cost though. However, I haven't seen any lately. Have you mentioned this fact to your doctor?
I was notified in May of this year that my insurance would not cover Pentasa due to the price, and put me on Delzicol. I had a capsule endoscopy recently and my Crohn’s (small intestine)is now worse than its ever been. My physician is trying to get the insurance company to put me back on Pentasa, which I was on for 10 years prior. I’m also going back on SCD to see if it will help.
I'm sorry to hear that. :( I happened to find a generic of Pentasa that is out and have been using it. Thankfully, it's quite a bit less expensive than I paid for the Pentasa and I'm also taking less pills a day.


However, I was hoping to sign up for the HSA insurance at work for next year and unfortunately my medication isn't covered under that insurance and my meds would eat up the whole amount I saved. So, I'm sticking with my current type.
Thanks Cross-stitch gal. I’ll tell my physician about it. Do you know if this is time released? My issue is in the small intestine.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back on it. If not, he’s looking at possibly putting me on a biologic, which I really prefer not to do.
Best wishes to you.
Finally, I got approval by the insurance company for Pentasa. Hopefully, it’ll still work for me, at least better than the Delzicol. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll have to take the next step.